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Empowering busy, career-driven parents to boost their energy, mood, and resilience against chronic disease.

Do you prioritise your work and family above your own health?

No wonder you feel tired, over-stressed, and drained.

You can change that.

You are stuck in an endless rush, constantly tending to the needs of others - your family, work, friends, or just plain old life admin.

You rarely do anything for yourself. It is no surprise you sometimes feel physically drained and uninspired...

Your lifestyle choices can be the cause, but lifestyle can also be the remedy - and pretty much the only thing you can control!

So, why wait? This is your call to start looking after yourself, so you can give more (and better) to the people and passions you love the most.

Curious? Book a complimentary health review with me to find out how you can take small steps that will make a material difference to your health. 

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How strong are your health defenses?

Take my 5-min resilience quiz to learn what requires your attention the most and to discover actionable tips to address those issues.

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Hello, I am Nada,
Certified Resilience & Metabolic Health Coach & Founder of
The Healthy Chain.

I am a career-driven parent of three young children myself. Prior to health coaching, I had a corporate career in strategy consultancy. I only started thinking about health when I had a personal brush with cancer a few years ago.

I now coach busy career-driven parents, who feel that their health is not where it should be. They struggle with low energy, mood swings, excess stress, and are prone to illnesses.

As a coach, I help you identify small yet effective changes, to your nutrition, movement, sleep, and more, which will add healthy decades to your life.

Do not wait for a wake-up call. Now is the right time to invest in your health, to live longer, with more energy and joy. 

Work with me

Health Coaching Programmes _ Tailored to you
Signature Programmes

Programmes are tailored to you - 

Two ways of working we can explore, as a starter

Health Coaching Unique Mission for Health in early mid-life
Mission and Approach

Early mid-life is a chapter to thrive in and prosper. Holistic 1-to-1 coaching is the key

Nada Soubra Top London Resilience Health Coach
Nada's Credentials

Nada's experience combines the best of health coaching and  corporate skills

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What is Health Coaching?

"Health Coaching is the link between thinking and doing"

It is a person-centred approach to help you identify health goals, establish positive habits, and navigate barriers. Coaches help you achieve your unique vision for health, in a way that best fits you.

Inner Resilience and Health

Why Build Resilience?

Resilience is the ability to adapt to and recover from physical, mental, and emotional challenges. Resilience is “strength”.

Without self-care, your inner resilience weakens, making you more susceptible to illness, fatigue, brain fog, and low mood. Provided the right inputs, the human body find ways to heal naturally.

What clients have to say

We all need Nada in our lives.
I encourage anyone to speak to her.

Working with Nada on several aspects my life has been a mind-opening experience. Through her very calm, direct, personalised approach and her smile, Nada built a sense of safety and confidence.

She equipped me with the tools and mindset to deal with a very busy and stressful lifestyle and together we created mechanisms to re-prioritise and re-align.

Georgia, Brand Director - North London

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