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Top Health and Resilience Coach London_ Nada Soubra

About Nada

Hello, I am Nada. Certified Metabolic Health Coach, Founder of the Healthy Chain, and Mother of Three Little Ones.

I support busy professionals and parents in their 30s and 40s to carve out the time for small yet effective lifestyle tweaks, which restore energy, mood stability, and promotes health resilience against chronic diseases.

Early mid-life is typically a pinch point. You work hard, look after young children, care for aging parents, pay down the mortgage, try to have a social life…. You take the leftovers for yourself - if anything is left at all.

I have been there myself. But sadly, I needed a “wake up call” to make a change. A shock Stage 3 ovarian cancer diagnosis at the age of 37 drove me to action. As a mum of three young children, I was scared I would not be there for them. I was determined to do everything in my control, to overcome this challenge.

Alongside medical treatment, I set off on a mission to understand how nutrition and lifestyle can support my recovery. I made small changes to what I ate, how much I moved, and how I spent my time – nothing radical.

Today, I feel fitter, healthier, and happier than ever. I live life more intentionally. I dedicate time to my own well-being. I am able to give more to my loved ones. ​I have found a new purpose in Health Coaching.

I could not but share my learnings to empower people like me to take control of their health holistically, long before a “wake up call” comes knocking. This is why The Healthy Chain was born.

Certified Health Coach London for Resilience Nada Soubra

My unique set of credentials.


Partner in Strategy Consultancy at BCG

I leverage my corporate experience to provide structure, insights and practical strategies that resonate well with career-driven parents. 

Married and a Mum of Three

I know first-hand the challenges (and the joys!) of being a parent, which is integral to the value I can bring when coaching busy parents.

Health Coaching Certification  

The Health Coaches Academy

Full UKIHCA membership

Free health coaching session

Let's Chat!

If my story and my mission resonate with where you are, just get in touch, I love chatting about the joys and challenges of health, parenting, and career. Book a free 30 mins informal chat with me to get started.

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