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The Health Audit

The simplest way to take more ownership of your health and reduce chronic disease risk.
Get started now by booking a 15 mins info session.

What to expect

The Health Audit is a unique data-driven way to understand your most pressing health risks, using lab testing.

  • 1 x 90 mins in-depth session 

  • 1 x 30 mins follow-up session 

Early-Bird Price: £190

+ Any Lab Test Costs

What you gain

  • Clarity: Health data will give you a tangible insights onto your health

  • Prevention Framework: Structured approach to managing possible risks and pre-dispositions

  • Personalisation: Discussions take into account your preferences & constraints

  • Sense of agency: Empowerment and reassurance as you take back control of your health

How it works

​Before committing

  • Book a free 15 mins info session to confirm this is right for you


  • Order lab tests, if not available already

  • Complete a qualitative self-assessment


  • Discuss the key findings from your tests 

  • Create an inspiring health vision ​​

  • Reflect on your core values to unlock drive

  • Co-create your future health roadmap  


  • Receive a summary report and roadmap 

  • Book in your 30 mins check-in  

Which lab tests

One or more tests to choose from: 

  • Standard blood tests

  • Nutrigenomic tests

  • Microbiome tests

  • Continuous Glucose Monitor data (CGM)


Note: All labs are conducted externally. 

No need for new lab tests if you have:

  • Recent test results <1 year old

  • Taken part in the Zoe programme and want to use your dashboard data instead

Explore whether this is right for you

Yay! Please look out for an email with the next steps;

Don't forget to check your junk folder too, just in case.

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