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Natural Home Cleaning: Break Free from Conventional Cleaning Products with these Tips

Natural Home Cleaning Products and Tips




You have control over what you bring into your home.

Inadvertently, we have become hooked on using harsh chemicals to achieve a clean, sparkly home. But, at what cost?


An investigation by the Environmental Working Group has found that many conventional cleaning products contain substances linked to serious health problems, including asthmas, allergies, developmental toxicity, and cancer. (1)


Becoming increasingly aware of these compounds has prompted me to re-evaluate the products we use at home. My cleaning cupboard is packed with the leading industrial brands full of potentially harmful compounds that get sprayed on surfaces we interact with daily.


It is hard to know where to start with this shift to more natural home cleaning, especially when the habits and brand loyalty has been engrained since childhood. So, I have compiled this pragmatic guide for natural home cleaning products to help inspire you to make small changes in your home. Hope you find it useful!

Natural cleaning products


Switch over to buying more natural home cleaning products


I found it was easiest to first replace buying branded chemical cleaners with buying branded natural cleaners. It is harder to make the jump from buying something to making it at home, so switching brands is the easiest way to start.

Luckily, the market is now well served by large natural based companies like Ecover, Faith in Nature, and Ecozone who have more natural formulations.


Easiest swaps to begin with include:


  • Washing up liquid

  • Dishwasher tablets

  • Laundry detergent

  • Fabric softener


I personally use Ecover for all the above mentioned products, but I always keep an open mind to trying new health-supportive and planet-friendly formulations. So, if you have suggestions, please do post them in the comments!

natural cleaning ingredients


DIY Your Natural Home Cleaning Products 


Feel like you can be even more ambitious than that? Well, you can explore creating your own cleaning formulations at home using these basic ingredients:


  • White vinegar: an effective cleaner and deodorizer. Always dilute it half and half with water and you can spray on most surfaces; just be careful with granite worktops. The vinegar smell disappears when it dries.


  • Baking soda: a powerful deodorizer and a non-abrasive cleaning agent. Baking soda and vinegar are often used together for their chemical reaction that helps lift dirt, cut through grease, and remove odours, which helps clean toilets, unclog drains, and degrease ovens. (2)


  • Lemon: great at dissolving soap scum and hard water deposits; great for shining brass and copper, especially when mixed with baking soda.


  • Essential oils: a great option for natural fragrances to add to your DIY cleaning solutions. I personally like lavender, lemon, or tea tree oils, the latter of which is a natural antiseptic and anti-fungal too.

clean home hacks


Your go-to natural home cleaning products for every job


1.     Surface and bathroom cleaner: Simply mix together equal parts white vinegar and water, add essential oil drops for fragrance.


2.     Toilet cleaner & drain unblocker: Simply mix together equal parts white vinegar and baking soda in a container and let is fizz away.


3.     Kitchen degreaser, bathroom sink and fittings, and kitchen sink cleaner: Simply take half a lemon, dip it into baking soda, and use the lemon to scrub and degrease your oven and hob.


4.     Rinse aid: Simply use white vinegar!


5.     What have I missed? Post in the comments section.




Every day, we are exposed to a cocktail of hidden toxins in our at-home environment, which over time can overload our bodies and contribute to disease.

Fortunately, we have control over many of these factors, and we can reduce our exposure to toxins using simple hacks and swaps. 


Shifting to more natural home cleaning products is health protective. It is a mental shift that took me a while to make but one I wish I had done sooner! Hope this encourages you to break free from your reliance on conventional cleaning products and start making some changes for your home and your family.

Take Part in My “30-day Low Tox Living Challenge”


If you are keen to start making some small changes across the board, not just in home cleaning products, join the wait list to take part in my “30-Day Low Tox Living Challenge”.

You will receive a set of very simple actions or swaps you can make to gradually reduce your toxic load for better health. I designed this challenge for busy people like you who are keen to make a gradual change, but need a simple framework to get started.

Start making some real changes for a healthier home for you and your family!



Health coach in London

About Nada

I am a Certified Resilience & Metabolic Health Coach. I empower working parents to boost their resilience and live a longer, healthier life, free of chronic disease. 

My approach is rooted in tried-and-tested nutrition, lifestyle, and mindset tweaks that make a huge impact on health outcomes. I have a special interest in helping young people affected by cancer to overcome and thrive for the long run.


Previously, a Partner in strategy consulting, I pivoted into health coaching and founded The Healthy Chain, after a personal experience with cancer, which prompted me to make health my top priority.


I am a mum of three and I know how hard it can be to prioritise health when you are juggling a career and family. I focus on simple tweaks that fit easily into your existing life.


Follow my work on Instagram here: @thehealthychain

Thank you!

Nada Soubra



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