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Resilience is the ability to adapt and recover from physical, mental, and emotional challenges. Resilience is “toughness” or simply “strength”.

Each of us has an innate ability to withstand challenges. Our body is constantly striving for homeostasis – a state of inner equilibrium. It has built-in mechanisms to restore and repair itself. However, the external stressors your body experiences increase inflammation, the root cause of most illnesses.

Chronic stress has become normalised. Your body goes into “fight or flight” mode, and in doing so, it puts on hold all the relatively less urgent functions like metabolism (so it holds on to fat), and cell repair (so cells oxidate and mutate), and the list goes on.

Provided the right inputs, the human body heals naturally. Without self-care, your inner resilience weakens, making you more susceptible to illness, fatigue, brain fog, and low mood.

By giving your body what it needs, you will live better, overcome challenges, and give your best to people around you.

Building resilience through health coachingin early mid-life

What is Resilience and How Can You Build More of It

Resilience is multi-faceted. 

Physical Resilience

Your body’s ability to perform at its best. You want to have high energy levels, absorb nutrients well, metabolise foods, and have a strong immune system.

You can promote physical wellbeing by eating nourishing foods, keeping active, getting enough sleep, and detoxifying your environment.

Cognitive Resilience

​Your ability to think clearly and quickly, stay focused, be present and productive in what you do.


You can boost cognitive well-being by eating more brain-loving foods, keeping physically active, seeking out new experiences, and finding purpose in what you do.

Emotional Resilience

Your inner sense of balance, contentment, and ability to recognise and navigate difficult situations without overwhelm.


You can strengthen your emotional wellbeing by self-reflection, reframing your beliefs, and getting the right support.

Health Resilience Test

Test Your Health Resilience

Take my 5-min resilience quiz to learn where you are flourishing and what requires your attention the most, and discover tailored and actionable tips.

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